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Public Speaking

Valerie J. Keim, MFT is available to speak to small groups, large conferences, professional meetings, and social clubs. Her venues have included: John Muir  Health Education  Programs (that included mental health talks about various dimensions of women’s wellness,  diabetes, heart health, perinatal and parenting support, and seniors’ wellness); The American Association of University Women  (AAUW) of San Ramon; The East Bay Women’s Conference (EBWC); Annual Parenting Conference at Mt. Diablo Unified, and various business women’s and parenting organizations in Contra Costa County.


  • The Health Connection: Healthy Living and Anger Reduction
  • The Health Connection: Your Healthy Heart and Stress Reduction
  • 5 Habits for Improved Pain Management
  • Good Night! How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Forget-Me-Not: 10 Tips to Improve Memory
  • Introduction to MeditationWinning the Mind Game of Diabetes (series)


  • From 2 to 3: Becoming a New Family
  • Bring Out the Best in Your Child
  • Hassle-Free Discipline at Any Age
  • The Peer Pressure  Cure
  • Field Guide to the Teen Years
  • Teens and Family Anger Management
  • Teens and Family Communication
  • The Teen Brain
  • What Successful Blended Families Know


  • The Big 5-Oh: Sexual Self Esteem at Mid Life
  • Getting Real with Menopause
  • Midlife Blues: Causes and Cures for Midlife Depression and Anxiety
  • Empty Nest, Feathered Nest, and the  Golden Egg: How to (Almost) Have It All When the Kids Leave Home
  • Self Care for the Caregiver

Women and Self

  • Anger Management for Women
  • Stress, Depression and Anxiety Reduction for Women
  • Setting Better Boundaries: 101 Ways to Say NO
  • Getting Real with Body ImageSixth Sense and Gut Instinct: Fact, Fiction, and Tips for Developing 
  • Intuition
  • Four Steps to Healthier Relationships at Home, Work, and Beyond


  • After Happily Ever After: Solutions for Couples’ Anger Management
  • The Marriage Communication Clinic
  • Rekindle That Spark!  Body and Soul Renewal for Couples


  • Answers for Workplace Stress
  • Building Better Boundaries and Inroads at Work
  • The Workplace Clinic: Making The Action Plan for  Your Dreams, Purpose and Goals


  • Coping with Holiday Stress
  • Coping with Grief and Loss
  • No Rush! Time Management Made Simple

Valerie J. Keim, MFT