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About Valerie J. Keim

My approach is to listen carefully to what you want and then to deliver that to you. Everyone is unique. And I feel I’ve never once treated two cases in the same way.

My style is interactive, light, direct, educational, warm, full of deep dives, and at times, humorous.

My life includes being blissfully married for over forty years (to the same guy!) and so I know from experience just how challenging great relationships can be. Did I say challenging? And my marriage has been an ongoing field test for the many professional trainings that I’ve taken.

So when I’m giving homework it's because I know firsthand that it works. You’ll never get any academic stuffy nonsense or judgment from me, I promise.

My perspective I owe to the many people who've taught me how to live from my essential self. This core is what constantly replenishes my life.

It gives me my therapist-superpower:  I recognize the central awesomeness in everyone that I work with. And my agenda is for people to see this for themselves.

Clients come to therapy thinking that they need to explore their wounds in order to heal.

But I believe that as much or more good comes from discovering our best and brightest selves.

Why? Positive energy makes problem-solving easier.

That means less time in therapy and more time for your new happier life.

A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Valerie J. Keim, MFT has over twenty five year’s experience as a marriage counselor, psychotherapist, anxiety specialist, educator, and speaker.

Valerie holds a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of British Columbia.

She is a member of the California Association for Marriage and Family Therapists.

What Clients Have Said About Me

"Val is sweet but she never sugar coats!"

"Valerie really held me accountable for making the changes that I needed. But she was always so kind and I never felt judged."

"Valerie makes it safe to discuss things that you have no one else to confide in."

"Val showed me how to feel compassion for the sad little parts of myself."

"Valerie definitely taught me how to change the problems that kept me stuck."

"With Valerie’s help, I learned to replace what was painful with what I yearned for: to be competent, at ease, and confident more often and in all areas of my life."


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