5 Tips for Reigniting the Spark in Your Relationship

'The spark' describes the essence of romantic relationships. Can you recall ‘the spark’ at the start of your couples' journey? Remember how your early days were on fire?

In the beginning, you just can’t get enough of your partner. You want to see them all the time, and they're constantly on your mind. A romance blossoms and intimacy soars into an effortless peak experience.

Yet all flames need to be fanned to be kept alive.

As time goes on, life gets in the way. Routine and everyday stress make that original high difficult to keep.

The problem is that may couples think that intimacy is limited to sex. But hot wise couples know that intimacy is so much more. Intimacy encompasses the physical, spiritual, mental and the emotional. Being playful with an expanded meaning of intimacy can reignite the spark at any age or stage of a couples' journey. And it takes practice, time and effort to keep crazy hot intimacy alive.

Here's 5 tips to keep your couple's flames bright by tending to all the dimensions of intimacy.

1. Have fun together- As your relationship deepens, so do your shared routines. That's when boredom creeps in. Shake things up by doing exciting things together. Climb a mountain, take a vacation,  a special class, or go bungee jumping! It'll provide a much-needed breath of fresh air. And novelty leads to discovering new things about each other.

2. Have meaningful positive conversations– Talk about your relationship, your current lives, plans for the future and your emotional state. Explore the things that make your relationship work.  Try as much as possible to be vulnerable with your partner so they see the real you.

3. Give thoughtful surprises– Something as simple as surprising your partner with a love letter or stocking up on their favorite snack stops love from feeling stale and makes your partner feel loved. Intimacy isn’t about grand or expensive gestures as much as the daily ones.

4. Make couple time- Sometimes we pay more attention to our gadgets than to our lovers. At least once a week, recommit to your intimacy by turning off all electronic devices.  Use this time to do something you both enjoy. Be sensual while you watch a movie, cook together or massage each other. This gives you the space to connect on a better level than your routines.

5. Express gratitude- Every night before bed, express gratitude for one thing your partner did during the day, no matter how small or random.This makes them feel loved and appreciated.

If you'd like to become a hot and well bonded couple once again, please call.