Raising children is ALWAYS more than we bargained for!

The Empowered Parenting Program is a focused educational program  that is tailored to your family’s unique needs. Unlike a class, we meet at times that are convenient to your schedule and target only the problems that you are dealing with. In addition, you have a greater level of confidentiality than in a group setting.  This type of short term coaching can really help parents to problem-solve and stay one step ahead of their kids from ages two through the teen years. And proactive parenting can make family life much more rewarding, calm and fun.

The Empowered Parenting Program can make a big difference if your kids…

  • won’t listen or obey
  • leave you feeling drained
  • cause conflict between you and your co parent
  • manipulate you to give in or do too much for them
  • leave you fearful for their physical, online, social, or legal safety
  • have mental or physical health problems that complicate family life
  • remind you of just  how much you sound like your own parents did when you were a young child or teen

The new skills you learn can  also help with extended, step- or blended family members, as well as with adult children or elderly parents.

In addition to being a parent, Valerie has also led a weekly parenting group for over ten years, and has given various public talks and seminars on parenting.


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