Mindfulness and Trust Building

Mindfulness means being aware of and calmly accepting your thoughts and emotions in each moment. This is the opposite from reacting from a charged up state.

Mindfulness means you experience your emotions without allowing yourself to be pushed around by their intensity.

Mindfulness means staying with your intention of winning her back, rather than sliding into your old habits.

If you’re managing your impulses, you’re being mindful. If you’re patiently being transparent even when it’s irritating, you’re being mindful. If you’re remembering to do your daily or weekly ROCK, even she’s not appreciative, you’re being mindful. When you carefully use your new communication skills, especially when you want to slam the door as you leave the room, you’re being mindful. When you remember to inject empathy into your conversations, you’re being mindful.

The app “Headspace” or “Calm” is an excellent training  tool in mindfulness. Listen ten minutes daily for thirty days. Then look back, and compare your habits from only a month ago. Most everyone is surprised to notice an uptick in feeling calm and focused, and less caught up in their own drama.

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