Empathy and Trust Building

Empathy is the ability to understand and feel the emotions of another person. Hot relationships have lots of empathy.

Cheaters often avoid  feeling their partner’s anguish. Why? Because it’s painful.  And complex: obstacles include facing all the reasons why one cheated, grieving the loss of the affair, ones’ remorse and guilt, as well as her suffering.But tolerating these strong emotions is one of the fastest ways to rebuild a relationship.

But for sex addicts, this is a bigger problem. That’s because part of addiction includes not being able to access the full spectrum of emotion. If you are an addict, did you know that you might be more numbed out than most people?  And the degree to which addicts can’t sense their own range of feelings is the degree to which they can’t feel empathy.

The good news is that empathy can be learned. But as with any new skill, it requires patience and practice.

Your motivation is that the more you empathize, the more you build trust. When she sees that you are hurt by her suffering, she’ll sense that you are less likely to hurt her in the future. You become emotionally safe.

Books, Youtube, and therapists are great resources for learning the art of empathy. Also check out the popular Netflix series Sense8, which is all about extreme empathy.

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