Affairs and Betrayal  – Part Two

Winning Her Back (To the reader: This letter is written with traditional pronouns. However, it addresses a universal challenge that is shared across all genders, identities, orientations, and cultures.) Dear Cheater, You aced your private life. And you believed that you could always protect your primary partner or family from finding out. Then you got discovered. It happens. Now you’ve...[ read more ]

What Is Stonewalling?

There are four traits of stonewallers Rejection. First, stonewallers reject their partner’s attempts to solve problems, negotiate, or get closer unless it’s on their terms. “My way or the highway” is the stonewaller’s motto. Surprisingly sensitive. A second key is that they usually experience their partners’ attempts at connection and communication as being intrusive, needy, and demanding. Stonewallers admit that they have...[ read more ]

Sex Addiction and Betrayal

Cofactors and Myths “I’m still turned inside out 6 months later.” “Thank God I have work and the kids to distract me. They make it easy to put on the mask and forget for a few hours each day.” “My partner still doesn’t get how this destroyed me.” “She’s remorseful but I just can’t open up again.” “If I try...[ read more ]

Val’s Advice: “My Boyfriend Won’t Talk to Me”

                      Hey Val, My boyfriend won’t talk to me. We started off 6 years ago living together happily but have slowly grown apart. I don’t know him or his feelings and he won’t have long conversations with me anymore. I can’t get him to open up. This makes me so...[ read more ]

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